What is TradeHero?

TradeHero is a gamified social trading app that allows you to trade and replicate the behaviour of other users automatically. It is ranked the #1 finance app in over 90 countries. You can learn how to trade, experiment with virtual cash, follow heroes , and compete in trading competitions. When you're ready, toggle the LIVE button to fund your account to start trading and replicating trades with real money.

Is TradeHero a free app?

Yes, TradeHero is a free mobile app – free to download and free to use!

Which devices is TradeHero available on?

TradeHero is available for both iOS and Android devices.

How is TradeHero regulated?

TradeHero is a trading name of ayondo markets. ayondo markets Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA); our FCA register number is 184333.

How can I earn money from TradeHero?

You can earn money by making profits on your LIVE trading, and winning cash prizes* in virtual trading competitions.

What is a virtual trading competition?

A virtual trading competition in TradeHero is a special mode held for a specific timeframe designed to enable eligible participants to trade stocks virtually within the mobile application. Prizes will be awarded in accordance with these specific Terms and Conditions of participation.

How do I join virtual trading competitions?

You can join competitions by going to the Competitions tab and then tapping on any available competition.

How do I refer my friends?

You can refer your friends by clicking the top left button and sending invitations via Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, SMS, Email, and other channels.

Is there a system in place to prevent abuse?

Rest assured that we are constantly monitoring and taking all necessary measures to prevent abuse. Our dedicated team of software engineers are working round the clock to make sure that all loopholes are closed. If you suspect any abuse please contact us at and we will investigate the matter.

Is this the final version?

We are continually improving TradeHero in light of your feedback. We strongly recommend that you update your app when prompted, for the latest features and benefits.

Virtual Trading

How do I trade?

Every user starts with an $100,000 initial virtual cash to trade with. Buy equities and forex in the buy screen to begin your trading journey. With TradeHero, you can search which stocks heroes are trading in real time, find and follow heroes based on your personal preferences and judgement, and copy the trades you like immediately. Once you are confident with the trades that you have in the virtual trading, you can start to fund your account, and trade with real money.

How many exchanges and currency pairs can I trade on?

In virtual mode, you get to trade with near real-time quotes across 35 stock exchanges and 38 currency pairs.

What is the maximum number of shares per transaction?

It depends on the trading mode you are in. In virtual mode, you can trade as much as you would like based on how much cash you have left. Whereas for LIVE mode, each product has a maximum quantity defined. That’s the maximum one can enter in the transaction.

Will I get notified whenever I execute a trade?

For virtual trading mode, there is no notification when you execute a trade..
*Terms & Conditions apply.

LIVE Trading with real money

Once you are ready for LIVE trading, you can toggle to your LIVE trading account with a tap. If you want to start trading with real money using CFDs you will need to open a LIVE account, and fund your account. This can be easily done by using a credit card. However, in LIVE trading mode your profits and losses really matter! CFD, short for Contract For Difference, is a derivative financial instrument enabling you to gain exposure to financial markets without physical ownership of the underlying asset. It is an agreement between you – the trader and the provider – to exchange the difference in value between the opening and the closing level of a particular contract.

How can I open a LIVE account?

In order to open a LIVE account, you would have to successfully complete our onboarding process. As a FCA regulated firm, we are obliged to verify the identity of all our clients’.

Do you have any loss protection features?

The Loss Protection is triggered when the account balance (including open positions in profit or loss) reaches or falls below the amount you have set.

Limited risk with free guaranteed stop loss**. Apply stop loss orders to limit the losses in adverse market conditions; moreover, the guaranteed stops* are free of charge

Can I remove my stop-loss value?

Yes, you can remove the stop-loss value by simply tapping on it after you execute the trade at the “Open Position Summary” section.

Can I change the currency of my LIVE account?

Currently the only available currency in your LIVE account is US dollar.

Why can’t I invest my whole account value into one trade?

You will not be able to put your whole account value into one trade. There is a max lot size per transaction as a security feature to protect you from investing your entire account value in one trade.

Why does the app ask me to log in again at the transaction page in LIVE mode?

This is an added security measure because you will be trading with real money in LIVE mode.

I’m in LIVE mode. How can I sign out from LIVE mode?

You can tap on left menu icon then select LIVE settings and sign out.

Will I be notified whenever I execute a trade?

For live trading, you will receive an immediate email notification for the trade you have performed or if the position reaches Stop-Loss or Take-Profit values.

What are the spreads in TradeHero LIVE

We offer access to a large range of global markets with tight spreads, fast execution and low minimum stake sizes.


Country Spread in %
Germany 0.15
Hong Kong 0.30
Italy 0.30
Singapore 0.20
Spain 0.15
Switzerland 0.15
UK ~ Blue Chip 0.15
UK ~ Mid Cap 0.15
US 0.15


Index Spread in %
US Volatility Index Future 0.3
Wall Street Rolling 4
Germany 30 Rolling 2
EU 50 Rolling 2
UK 100 Rolling 2
France 40 Rolling 2
US 500 Rolling 0.75
US Tech 100 Rolling 1.5
Hong Kong Index Future 10
China 50 Future 20
Japan 225 Future 20
Singapore Index Future 0.25


Currency Pips


Commodity Spread in %
Brent Crude Oil 0.08
Gold Spot 0.8
Silver Spot 0.07
* Applicable to futures only
**Please note that free guaranteed stops do not apply to all products and are subject to trade size restrictions which may vary for each product.

Trading Terminology

What is ROI?

The Return on Investment (“ROI”) is the most important value to track. It is the percentage increase in the value of the stocks you have purchased on a periodic basis. It is used to calculate your position on the global leaderboards. Keeping a consistently positive ROI is the best way to gather a huge amount of followers!

What is P&L?

TThe Profit and Loss ("P&L") is the sum of the realised and unrealised profits for each of the stocks (or "positions") that you hold. The unrealised portion of your P&L will change each day in regular mode and in real-time within competition mode, depending on the current market price of the stock. Producing a high P&L means that you are making good use of your trading cash!

What is P&L on your profile page?

The net aggregate P&L on your profile page is the change in currency value of your portfolio (gain or loss) since you started using TradeHero.

What is short selling?

Short selling is the sale of a security that the seller has borrowed. This feature is enabled for the latest version of TradeHero for both virtual and LIVE versions.

What does invested mean?

The amount of money you used to purchase stocks.

What does open value mean?

The current market value of your unsold stocks.

What does quantity mean?

Number of shares of a specific stock you currently hold.

What is Avg. Price?

The average purchase price of a stock you bought over time.

What is Total Value?

Current value of your portfolio (including the initial $100,000)

What do you mean by cash?

Cash amount available to you now for additional trading (investment)

What are followers?

The number of users who can view your trading activity

What is unusual volume?

It is when the volume is greater than the historical average daily range

What does “lot size” mean?

A measure or quantity increment acceptable to or specified by the party offering to buy or sell. Used also as an alternative term for lot quantity.

What does “lot size” mean?

A measure or quantity increment acceptable to or specified by the party offering to buy or sell. Used also as an alternative term for lot quantity.

What does price action mean?

Percentage of change between previous day closes and 50 day MA (moving average).

Market Rules

What securities can I trade in virtual trading and LIVE trading mode?

In virtual trading mode, you can trade with near real-time quotes across 35 exchanges, - NYSE (USA), SGX (Singapore), NASDAQ + PINK + AMEX (USA), HKEX (Hong Kong), LSE (London), XETRA (Germany), MLSE (Milan), TSX (Toronto), TSXV (Toronto), SIBE (Spain), AMS, BRU, PAR, LIS (EuroNext), ASX (Australia), NZX (New Zealand) SHA, SHE (China), JKT (Indonesia), KRX, KOSDAQ (Korea), TPE (Taiwan), SET (Thailand), PSE (Philippines), MYX (Malaysia), TSE (Tokyo), NSE, BSE (India), XTSO (Nasdaq Stockholm), SIX (Switzerland), ISE (Rep. Ireland). In LIVE trading mode, you can trade with real-time quotes. There are 105 stock CFDs, 16 Forex pairs, 7 indices and 2 commodities. They are all accessible within the app.

Can I choose my own trade price?

No. TradeHero obtains and assigns the stock price based on the current Ask price if you are buying, and Bid price if you are selling, or if neither is available, the last traded price from the market.

Can you close my positions?

Yes, the platform can close your position(s) automatically if you have a losing position and not enough funds in your account to guarantee it (margin). This protects you from losing more money than you deposit. The platform will close your position(s) when your margin indicator drops below 25%. Your positions will be closed following the order of their opening* (“first in, first out” principle) until the margin level is over 25% again.

Can I trade outside local market trading hours? If so, what price do I get?

Unfortunately, you cannot at the moment, but do watch this space!

Is there a minimum holding period for stocks?

For virtual trading, there is a 60-minute minimum holding period outside of competition mode. This is because of the possible delay of stock prices from our data feeds. However, when you join a competition there is no minimum holding period for stocks. For LIVE trading, there is no price delay and holding period. You could sell shares immediately after buying them.

What is the maximum number of shares per transaction?

Currently, TradeHero limits each transaction to a certain fraction of trading volume of a particular stock, in order to simulate real market conditions.

Why is there a lag in the prices of the stock?

TradeHero collects data across different stock exchanges and time zones. For LIVE trading, there is no price delay and no gap between the real time data and our stock prices. For virtual trading, some lag may be inevitable for this mode, but we are working to minimize the gap.
*If the market of the instrument for this position is closed, the platform will close the first position with an opened market.

Client money

What payment methods do you accept?

All LIVE portfolios are managed in USD. We accept major credit cards (Visa, Master), debit cards and Bank wire transfers.

How long does it take to fund my account?

If you use credit or debit card, your account will be funded immediately subject to successful approval by the card issuer. If you send money via bank transfer, it may take up to 5 working days.

How can I withdraw money from my account?

You can either withdraw to your registered debit/credit card or via bank wire. If you have done at least one card payment, you have the option to select and credit back to that card. Otherwise you have provide your account details to our customer service ( so they can credit to your bank account.

How long does it take to withdraw money from my account?

Withdrawal of funds will be processed within 5 business days. If you made your withdrawal request after 12:30 (GMT), they will be processed the following working day.

Do you charge any fees for funding my account?

There are no credit/debit card and bank wire transaction fees. As for bank wire transfers, if a transfer incurs a transaction fee, this will be taken off the amount that you transfer.

Do you charge any fees for withdrawing money?

Sending funds back via credit/debit card is free of charge. For bank transfers there are only bank fees* and no additional fees on our side. Please keep in mind that for security reasons we will most likely return your money using the same payment method you have initially used for your deposit.

Can I fund my account through someone else’s bank account or credit card?

No, unless you have a proof of joint account with the someone.

Is my money safe and secure?

Yes, your money is safe. TradeHero is the trading name of ayondo markets Limited. ayondo markets Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) and is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (“FSCS”). The FSCS will settle the shortfall to the extent of £50,000 per person. Please refer to FSCS website for more details. The FCA has very strict regulations about client money designed to protect retail and professional clients. TradeHero is fully committed to following these regulations in both the letter and the spirit. In addition, the FSCS would compensate clients if TradeHero were unable to meet its financial obligations.If you still have any questions about the security of the app or your money, please don't hesitate to contact us via

How do dividends work in TradeHero LIVE?

If you hold a position in a company that has decided to distribute a part of its corporate profits to its shareholders, this will be reflected in your position accordingly. Depending on the direction of your position, you will either be eligible to receive the payment or you will need to pay. The dividend adjustment is applied to your account if you still hold your position after the close the day before the ex-dividend day (also called ex-div). The ex-div day is the first day when the share trades without the dividend. For more information please consult this PDF with details.

How does overnight financing work in TradeHero LIVE?

Other costs, apart from the spread, you need to take into account when dealing in CFDs are the daily financing charges. Financing charges represent the cost of borrowing the capital that is needed in order to open a position. CFDs positions that remain open over-night are subject to those charges, incurred on daily basis. A long position attracts the financing charges, as effectively, by depositing initial margin, you borrow capital from us to cover the rest of it (i.e. the difference between the initial margin and the total value). For short position, on the other hand, financing interest may be credited to your account, as the opposite applies, meaning, you lend capital to us. For more information please consult this PDF with details.

Registration process for LIVE account

Can I skip the five steps needed for a TradeHero LIVE account?

Unfortunately not. This is a requirement to get your TradeHero LIVE account up and running. This is the quickest and safest way for your personal information to be verified by us electronically. This will accelerate the account opening process for you.

During the account verification process, what if I don’t have an identity card or proof of residence, can I submit the required documents at a later time?

Yes, you can still go ahead and submit your application request. Your application status will indicate to upload documents so you can upload later or one of our customer service agents will call you to assist you later.

Why do you need a copy of my ID card and proof of residence?

As a regulated investment firm, we are obliged to verify the identity of every client and therefore may request proof of ID and address.

Is it safe to send you a copy of my ID card and proof of residence?

We are a covered by Data Protection Act 1998. All information you provide to us is kept confidential and is used only for identification purposes.