About Us

TradeHero is a gamified social trading app that allows you to trade and learn from the behaviour of other users in the community. It has been ranked the #1 finance app in over 90 countries. You can learn how to trade, experiment with virtual cash, follow experienced “Heroes” and compete in virtual trading competitions. When you're ready, toggle the LIVE button to fund your account to start trading and replicating your winning virtual trades with real money.

TradeHero’s origins began in 2012 with its co-founders, Dominic Morris and Dinesh Bhatia. With a team of four staff, TradeHero incubated out of TNF Ventures with a seed round funding of $500,000, with additional backing by the Singapore National Research Foundation.

By 2013, the company had raised a USD $10 million Series A funding round from KPCB China and IPV Capital to fuel growth in the product’s development and user acquisition.

In 2014 TradeHero had more than 400,000 virtual traders across its iOS and Android platforms. Later in the year TradeHero opened a local office in Shanghai to cover the China market.

In 2015, TradeHero expanded its user base by partnering with financial institutions to host trading competitions. They include:

In 2016 global financial technology group ayondo took over operational control of TradeHero. Mobile technology had been a big part of the group’s strategy for expansion and growth. With the TradeHero brand being so well established in Asia, it was considered the missing piece to complete the ayondo product range. ayondo has operational rights to the TradeHero brand outside of China and the United States.

The app's software research and development is led by the Singapore team. All real money trading and investment activities are conducted by ayondo markets Limited trading as TradeHero which is authorised and regulated by the FCA in the United Kingdom.

As of 2017 there have been:

Our Vision

We believe everyone can learn to trade and invest when you combine the power of crowdsourced intelligence with a fun, intuitive, and easy to use platform. That’s why we’ve developed a gamified virtual investment network using real world data that makes it easy to learn.

TradeHero wants to democratise the world of investing through intuitive technology and knowledge sharing with a community of social traders. We want to capture and groom the future capital markets investors. We strive to empower retail investors with real-time crowd-sourced market intelligence, across any industry or geography. We do this through a frictionless user experience with an all-in-one application that allows for educational, fun and free trading. TradeHero lets users seamlessly toggle into real money trading when they are confident and ready for the real thing.